1812 Muster

On June 18, 1812, war was declared between the United States and Great Britain. A company of militia was raised by Switzerland County resident Captain Elisha Golay, a brother of the first known occupant of the Venoge cottage. The unit was formed to combat a series of Native American threats from the north.

Volunteer troops and US Regulars, in addition to Kentucky troops were reviewed. Henry Clay and William Henry Harrison each addressed the troops and the proclamation of war was read out. Jonathan Jennings, Indiana’s first governor and other local notables added to the speeches.

There were demonstrations of period and domestic arts. We offered period music and country dancing. There were Militia & Cannon demonstrations plus occasionally the Dept. of Geographers honored us with their presence. In 2017 Tom Strassell demonstrated how printing was done on a wooden printing press early in our history.

2017 Our last 1812 Muster