Visitors step into a world long past at Venoge. They smell roasting chicken and bread baking on the hearth and see furnishings from the early 19th century. We try to create a visual time warp with the use of early cooking equipment, ingredients and furniture and we wear the clothing styles that what would have been common in the early 1800s.

Many homes that are restored and open to the public are of the well-known and successful. The Jacob and Charlotte Weaver home at Venoge is one of an early Switzerland County family that worked hard, tried many ventures and was only able to stay even. This is typical of many, but significant in the progress toward our life today.

Muster at Venoge June 2017

The Venoge cottage has one room downstairs, which serves as a bedroom, kitchen with open hearth, living room and work room.  The second floor has two rooms: a storage area which houses our c 1800 loom plus a sleeping room.

When visitors smell the roasting chicken and bread baking on the hearth they think they may have stepped into a world long past. We try to create a visual time warp and use cooking equipment, ingredients and clothing  that what would have been used in the early 1800s.

We are located at 4085 Hwy 129, Vevay, IN 47043. Currently open by appointment with free admission.

Contact us below for information or to make an appointment.


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