Movie Trailer – To Make a Beginning

Our movie is the quintessential American story of making a dream in the wilderness, leaving one’s stamp on their surroundings and in turn, their surroundings influencing them.  Though set 200 years in the past, the story has relevance ever more so today.

This is a movie about dreamers. You don’t know them, but you will. Based on thirty-six letters written between 1813 and 1847, To Make a Beginning is the story of Jacob Weaver, the first owner of the Venoge cottage and his family. It is set against the backdrop of early 19th century Indiana.  Prosperity to bankruptcy, weddings, births and deaths, life altering disease and warfare between Great Britain, Native peoples and Mexico. Jacob wrote about it all.

A premiere of the movie is planned for late summer 2020 in Vevay at the Hoosier Theater. We have our fingers crossed that by then it will be safe to gather together again. It will be a great celebration so we hope to see you there!

The accompanying festivities and reception will be held at Venoge afterwards.