Probate Inventories

Jacques David Golay (David Golay) was an early Switzerland County, Indiana  farmer and vintner and as we can see from his inventory below quite well off.

He was born in Switzerland in 1761 and married Louise Marie Golay in 1782.  They emigrated in 1802 from Switzerland to Rosendale, Ulster County, New York. The family then moved as planned to New Switzerland, Indiana in 1804 to join the wine-grape growers there. He and his wife had 15 children, one being Charlotte, the ninth born, who married Jacob Weaver and lived in the Venoge cottage.

The original inventory can be found in the Switzerland County, Indiana courthouse.

What follows is an inventory of the goods and Chattles of David Golay deceased late of Switzerland County Indiana Territory. Appraised January the 5th 1816.

Searchable probate inventory of David Golay, 1816

Inventory ItemAppraised value
Bedstead and Cord$ 2.50
5 Brick molds1.25
Sundry Articles3.00
Saddle and bridle10.00
Collar harness & Teayle [illegible]2.75
Sundry iron articles1.50
Bedstead in Chamber5.00
A Number of books10.00
Chest bound with iron5.00
3 flour Barrels1.50
2 straw hats2.50
3 bays and sifter4.50
1 straw hat new1.50
Barrel with iron hoops1.00
Fan for wheat.50
5 Axes5.00
Turnip shaver2.00
5 rakes and forks1.75
4 hoes1.75
2 spades and grabing hoe3.00
2 pitch forks1.50
Auger and Gimblets5.00
Dung fork and frying pan2.00
8 Knives and hooks2.50
6 chissels1.50
4 hammers3.00
Drawing knives5.00
Sundry tin ware1.50
3 Saws2.50
Sundry coopers tools2.50
Box of old iron1.00
Box of Sundries1.00
Planes and carpenters tools6.00
A Log Chain12.00
3 Kettles10.50
Iron traces1.00
Copper kettle1.00
Sausage machine2.00
Small pot2.00
Chimney chair etc1.50
A cotton gin etc2.50
Basket tub etc2.50
3 scythes3.00
9 pewter plates4.50
2 Lots and kettles7.50
Skillet and oven3.00
Shovel tongs etc3.00
And iron2.50
Sourles and tin ware3.50
2 irons and other ware3.00
Brass candlesticks Cards etc3.50
Dining table2.50
7 bottles, glasses & coffee mill4.50
Basket and looking glass1.70
Churn and 10 chairs4.75
Small trunk etc1.50
2 razors and 3 guns15.50
Bed and bedding10.00
4 tubs10.00
1 do10.00
5 Barrels621 / 2
a quanity of salt5.00
Beans flax and oats4.00
Bedstead bed and bedding12.00
Tub and flax seed12.00
Tubs & casks in David's cellar18.00
3 ploughs and harrow20.00
Wheel barrow half bushel of grind stones5.00
a quanity of flax3.00
2 collars and bridle hames5.00
Tub hatter & Strap1.00
2 sides bedstead3.00
Staves hoops & boards12.00
Chopping bench.50
Wine barrels in cellar65.50
Wine do, about 420 gall420.00
7 hogs in pen18.00
21 do in field25.00
a sorrell horse 4 years old45.00
Black mare35.00
Brown horse50.00
Black mare old12.00
Large cow16.00
Brown cow and steer20.00
Red do and heifer20.00
2 heifers8.00
3 young calves6.00
Flax spread in meadow2.50
1 tub at Mr Gearnd [illegible] 2 kegs4.75
1 Keg at Lucien Gex's1.00
Yoke for oxen tubs, etc2.25
25 Bushels potatoes6.00
25 Barrels corn31.25
8 hogs8.00
1 Mattock1.50
2 tubs of sour crout4.00
Hand compass4.00