Come join us for the grand premiere of our film
“To Make a Beginning”

This special event is made possible through a generous grant from

Indiana Humanities

Last year’s premiere had to be postponed due to COVID.
We are back and excited to share our work with you.

In case you have forgotten, “To Make a Beginning” is the story of Jacob and Charlotte Weaver, the first owners of the Venoge Cottage.

From the promise of a prosperous new life to the realities of crop failures, sickness, death and frontier violence we follow Jacob, Charlotte, their family and others as they create and shape the new State of Indiana. Jacob prophetically wrote in one letter: “It’s hard to make a beginning for one who comes to a new place with empty hands.”

“To Make a Beginning” is a film of choices freely made, and the reality of consequences accepted. This is the recounting of forgotten lives and individuals whose names you never knew. Their actions helped shape who you are today. It is the quintessential American Story. Filmed on location in Switzerland County, Indiana.

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All we have planned for you is FREE!
If you miss the premiere, a repeat showing is scheduled the following week in Madison, Indiana.

Donations are gladly and graciously accepted.

Musée de Venoge is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Current slate of activities:

“Reading Between the Lines”

Saturday July 31, 2021

1-2 pm

Switzerland County Public Library
205 Ferry St., Vevay, Indiana

From 1813 to 1847 Jacob wrote a series of letters to his family back in New York. These are a treasure trove of, not only day to day information, but important national events. Nothing operates in a vacuum. Neither did the Weaver Family.

Come join Steve Abolt, our film’s director, for a discussion on how the letters were compiled for filming and why certain incidents were chosen. You might also be surprised at the amazing stories Jacob relates which we did not film!

A question and answer period will follow.

Free of charge, reservation required, limited seating.
Reservations held until 12:45 pm.

Theatrical Premiere
“To Make a Beginning”

Saturday July 31, 2021

7 pm

Doors open at 6:30

Hoosier Theater, Ferry & Cheapside, Vevay, Indiana

Meet our stars on the red carpet, ordered especially for the occasion (the carpet, not the stars)!
In true movie fashion, popcorn, drinks and snacks are available at the theater concession booth.

Historical Introduction: Special pre-screening presentation by Sara and Matthew Vosmeier, historians from Hanover College.

Introduction of the film and cast members: Steve Abolt, Director

Free of charge, reservations required.
Reservations held until 6:45 pm.

Reception to meet the Cast

Saturday July 31, 2021

8:45-10:00 pm

Musee de Venoge
4085 Hwy 129, East of Vevay

Music, refreshments, frivolity and a complimentary soda or adult beverage
served in the Applecore Tavern

Reservation required

Repeat Showing

“To Make a Beginning”

Friday, August 6, 2021

7 pm

History Center, Jefferson County Historical Society

615W 1st St, Madison, IN

Historical Introduction: Special pre-screening presentation by Sara and Matthew Vosmeier, historians from Hanover College.

Remarks and Introduction: Steve Abolt, Director

Free of charge, reservation required.
Reservations held until 6:45 pm.